The Reign of Blood Moon: Twelve's Quests

Research For a Cure

Twelve has been with Adin for quite some time. When he learned that Celesta had been bitten by a werewolf, he wanted to help cure her. He couldn’t stand just watching her sulk about, dragging her long swords at her sides while in full armor, because she couldn’t go out and slay zombies, or help her friends rise against Blood Moon. While staying in Adin’s tower, also known as The Tower of Mechanical Life, he got to meet three other mages, and a cleric.

Kachina Jyotika is a fire sorceress, who has a habit of setting things on fire. She tries not to, but she just thinks it’s fun. She has set many a thing in the tower on fire.

Zolice Fibron is an artificer, spending her studies in the rare magic items, and the creation of. She spent most of her time in the tower inspecting the Iron Golems, and Adin’s many magic items. She is also known to be able to enhance others’ weapons, and her own. She grew up with the Gnomes. No wonder she acts strange.

Leorana Delraen is the more strange out of the three mages, not to mention the most morbid acting. She is a necromancer, and doesn’t mind the dead. She often talks about dead things for no reason at all.

Astrid is the cleric. She seemed the most helpful when Twelve mentioned he wanted to cure Celesta of lycanthropy. She seemed to want to help him, but in the most stand-offish way.

Together, all five started trying to research a cure for the paladin.



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