The Reign of Blood Moon: Twelve's Quests

In Search of Waffles

After much research, the group sat down over dinner and started to discuss what they have found out. They discovered an herb known as belladonna, or “Wolfsbane”, has the ability to cure someone of lycanthropy three days after being bitten. Not knowing if the time in the tower suspended that as well, they decided to try to find a way to alter it to cure her anyways. They discovered a mix of arcane and divine spells could possibly do it, or make it worse due to the combination of divine and arcane magics. The other option was to seek divine intervention. And the third was having Leorana enslave the world with an undead army. After much debate on Leorana’s abilities, and intentions, Twelve resided.

Hearing that the group was discussing lycanthropy, the mummy, who was now in the golem, went over and mentioned that he knew a guy in his day that served something that would cause the suppression of the lycanthropic change. Of course, he didn’t remember the guy’s name, except that the town had been close to where the mausoleum was. They decided to inspect the mausoleum for the remains of the man, and hope that the recipe was still intact.

They made it into the dusty mausoleum, where Celesta had been bitten. They found the body of the werewolf, which had reverted to its normal form. They made their way into the room, and Leorana started looking through the caskets on the wall. They pushed the lid off of the large family tomb, and Twelve and Astrid went over to the body. They heard an ‘ew’ from two of the girls, and upon arriving back at the tomb, they heard rustling in the tomb, where Leorana had crawled into. Twelve checked on her before he and Astrid chucked the body into the tomb.

They heard a pained shriek from Kachina, and they turned to see a giant rat behind her, holding a bloody sword. Kachina turned and backed away, hitting it with a wave of fire, and Zolice hit it with her short sword. Twelve smacked it with his classic Magic Missle and it fell over. They tied it up, deciding to keep it alive, since it was determined to be a wererat, and it could be useful in finding a cure for Celesta.



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