Blood Moon, the ruler of the world, is possibly the most powerful person alive. Not much is known about her past, and only the older Elves know how she came into power, and remember what life was before she came into power. The oldest Elves say that Blood Moon rose up against the powerful Great Wyrm ice Dragon known as Frost. Frost was attempting to take over the world, and Blood Moon faced against him, slaying him with the bow she called Frost’s Bane. Her bow is said to be the most powerful artifact in existence, and there is not another like it.

It is known, though, that Blood Moon was a serial killer in her past, making a sport out of stalking and killing human men in the middle of the night. She only targeted human males, and only at night. No one alive knows why that is, or what her true name was. Once she came into power, human males were treated worse than sewer rats. The elves that agreed with Blood Moon, made sure that they stayed in their place. They were treated as slaves. If a human male ever had a child with an elf woman, they would be taken away, possibly killed, and the child would be taken away from the mother, being put into schools to teach them elven ways.

Magic was taken away from the humans. Humans were not allowed to learn magic, and the ones born with the ability to use it were taken and locked away. Magical items were also taken and placed into vaults, keeping them away from being used against her. Her capitol city is deep in the woods, surrounded by an anti-magic shield, just in case. Her guards are everywhere, listening for word on those who would oppose her.

Even then, there are groups of every race who are against Blood Moon. They band together to work to undo various things Blood Moon has done, and to free cities from her rule. The leader of the Elven faction, The Emerald Guardians, has gone missing. It is thought that she was taken by Blood Moon herself, and kept in the dungeons as a traitor. The Human faction, The Sapphire Soldiers, is hidden well, and no one knows where they are. If they were found, they would be destroyed. The Dwarf faction, The Diamond Defenders, are holding off against Blood Moon’s armies in the mountains, while the Halfling faction, the Shiny Protectors, are somewhere in the plains. The Garnet Forgers, the gnome faction, stay in their dormant volcano, rumored to still be making magic items.

The Half-elf faction, the Opal Warriors, are in the outskirts of Blood Moon’s domain, in one of the farming towns that Blood Moon wouldn’t bother trying to take over. That is where main quest begins, but not where Twelve’s sidequests start.

The Reign of Blood Moon: Twelve's Quests